National Benefits advises clients in several areas ranging from health plan design, pricing and financial reporting to claims reviews, regulatory filings and wellness planning. Our team works with Traditional Health Plans as well as Self-Funded groups to find the best value solution to meet your needs.

National Benefits solutions include the use of data analytic information to drive recommendations. Our team of experienced consultants will work with you determining your needs regarding benefit design, alternative plans and funding arrangements. Please contact us, we are available to answer all your questions and provide you with additional information about our services.

  • Health Benefits
    Maintaining good health of your employees is essential to running your business. Studies now show that physical, mental, financial and spiritual health are essential parts to keeping your employees at their best. We are here to assist with the plan that will accomplish these for your employees.

  • Medicare/Medicaid
    We work with carriers who have both individual as well as Medicare Employee Group Waiver Plans (EGWP) to meet the needs of your senior population.

  • Wellness
    Wellness programs help employees maintain and improve their health, saving employers work productivity time and lessening healthcare costs. We work with carriers on incentives and programs to promote wellbeing.

  • Pharmacy Benefits Management
    Our expertise in the prescription drug area includes unique data solution monitoring. We analyze group drug (and medical) claims to monitor cost and usage. For your management team we offer predictive modeling to assist in planning for future expenses. More importantly we will work with you on preventative measures to avoid catastrophic costs where possible.

  • Self-Funding
    Self-funded benefit plans allow the employer/trust fund to cover actual costs rather than a set premium payment to the insurance carrier. You will be the plan sponsor and have autonomy to customize your plan. National Benefits will work with your team to examine your goals and evaluate self-funding benefits.

  • Compliance
    Should you need assistance on the Federal or State level, our team will discuss your needs and provide the necessary information. Please contact us for further information on:
    • Federal/ACA
    • State/Prepaid